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Why vote for Staci?

"My biggest asset is my drive and willingness to work, work, work: work to understand the root cause of problems; work to collaborate with constituents and colleagues; work to find solutions that are appropriate and effective." -Staci Valentine Carroll

My approach...

3 Cs to Represent YOU

My approach and style remain largely the same as when I first ran for office. I find a focus on collaboration and information gathering to be my most effective tools.

Citizen Engagement

The solution to every problem first lies in diving into understanding. We can't pinpoint solutions to problems until we understand a problem fully. Asking constituents what issues they deal with and what solutions they seek is key to making informed decisions. Additionally, an informed, engaged electorate takes ownership, working to make our city a better place.

Collaborative Problem Solving

I take a collaborative approach to finding solutions. I love the process of a group coming together with differing ideas and building off those ideas to make something better than any individual comes up with alone. Solving problems in groups has been shown to lead to more favorable, fair outcomes. I don't see the council as a set of stand-alone policy makers; I see it as a group that should capitalize on each individual's strengths. Collaboration also means being able to reach along the political chain to work with residents, city staff and other elected officials to accomplish goals.

Creative Solutions

I have continually shown the ability to look for creative solutions to problems. When discussing hard problems, I engage residents and experts to find innovative answers to problems. I also search for answers using best practices from cities throughout Utah and comparable cities in the U.S. 

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