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for American Fork City Council
It’s been four years since I first ran for city council: it doesn’t seem that long. I thought four years sounded like an eternity, but here I am again, in the blink of an eye, asking for your vote. I have worked countless hours, lost lots of sleep, and learned more than I thought possible.
My favorite part of this job has been working with residents and city staff to make good things happen. In my humble opinion, we have made many good things happen. I hope you will take a minute to read about some of the things, big and small, that I count as achievements.
Staci Carroll

State and city elected officials work together to provide essential community needs. As the State House Representative for most of American Fork, I have enjoyed working with Staci over the last four years; I have appreciated her balanced approach to policymaking and her understanding of government processes. I fully endorse her candidacy and urge you to re-elect her to the American Fork City Council.

Representative Kay Christofferson

Having served on the Chamber of Commerce Board with Staci and seeing her approach to issues and decisions as well as seeing her work on the city council, I have no reservation in recommending her for re-election. And I can vouch for her affinity for pizza.

Rod Martin

Staci is a huge advocate for the business community. She represents the City Council at the Chamber of Commerce. She always considers multiple points of view before making decisions to do what is best for business owners and citizens. 

Austin Duke

I have had the pleasure of working with Staci on city council.  I have found Staci to always be well prepared, knowledgeable and open to discussion. Her open minded approach and willingness to share ideas and drive solutions along with her strong work ethic is exactly what American Fork needs on our Council. Staci has my full support and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Councilmember Clark Taylor


Staci is a dedicated leader. She understands the issues facing American Fork because she puts in the work and brings a solutions-oriented approach to overcome those challenges. Staci is right for American Fork right now!

Representative Jon Hawkins

Based upon years of close association with Staci Carroll, I whole-heartedly and confidently endorse her as a city council woman for American Fork . Staci has consistently shown the deep care she has for our city through hard work, countless hours of service in our community, and problem solving. She is a thought leader and leads with integrity, honesty, and an open mind. Her actions on city council have had a demonstrably positive impact in this community and I gladly continue to give her my full support!

Jenny Ricks

It's been my pleasure to work alongside Councilmember Carroll. She brings a great perspective to local government and is fully vested in the success of our city. American Fork residents can feel very confident they are well represented in placing their trust in her ability to represent us. 

Mayor Brad Frost

It truly has been a pleasure serving with Staci on the city council for the last almost four years.  Our votes are not the same on every issue and that is good.  One of the many qualities I appreciate about Staci is the amount of effort that she puts into researching and understanding the difficult issues that are before us from time to time. I strongly encourage you to re-elect Staci Carroll to the American Fork City Council.

Councilmember Kevin Barnes

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